Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm sitting here wondering what i need to write about tonight and there are a million things going through my head but nothing will come to me in words. this weekend was less busy than most of our other ones lately. we had yet another birthday party to attend. we cant hardly get through one party before we have another one come up. that's just the way it will always be now that we have kids and that's okay! we want people to come to our stuff so we are going to make every way possible to attend every invite we get! so thank you Caroline for inviting us to your 3rd birthday party! we had a great time!

this is a picture of carter when he was about 6 months old. now do my kids look alike or what? its a lil scary! lol. i see sibling that look totally opposite so i just thought my kids would. i just knew since carter got blessed with gorgeous long eye lashes that my next child would not...WRONG! jaycie has just as long and gorgeous ones as carter! amazing! carter and jaycie look so much alike but I'm so thinking Jae is going to have curly hair! that's going to be the only major difference in them! oh i cant hardly wait to see them together once Jae starts sitting up and walking. they are already two peas in a pod. jaycie can be so tired and whinny and carter can just come over to her and she starts cracking up laughing. its the darnest thing i have ever seen. i love that they thrive off each others energy already. now that might not be a too good of a thing a lil bit later but we will see.

we also attended the heritage festival in covington on Saturday. that was okay. not so big or much to look at but i did get jaycie a cute lil pillow case dress...i think that's what they are called. i got it for $10. i was so amazed. all the ones i have looked at online have been over $30. now that's crazy! i can afford to get her some cute dresses like that for $10 but for someone to charge over $30 for those things is crazy! people are a lil crazy these days charging so much for clothes. i mean hello people...if you are going to charge me $70 to make my daughter a dress when i can go right up the road and pay that or less and get it that day and not have all the hassling and shipping fees and all that...what you think I'm going to do? charge a lil less and you might have people buying from you a lil more. just my opinion though. wish i could sew. i would be making dresses and selling them almost as cheap as it Took me to make them just to help those people out that know they cant afford that high dollar dress that their child will only wear twice! CRAZY!!!
I'm so looking forward to going to the reelfoot craft fair! they always have so much for the kids and me! i cant wait to buy jaycie some bows and dresses! its going to be so much fun!!!! anyone want to go?

so this week gene has to go to Jackson Mississippi for his yearly fire training for work. for the past 2 years i have gone with him just so i could catch up on some sleep and relax a lil without anyone or anything to do! so the first year i went i was 8 months pregnant with carter. i had really low iron with him so i was always very weak and tired so it was very nice to get away and just sleep and sleep and sleep some more. and that's ALL i did those 3 days! so relaxing! so last year i was 3 months pregnant with Jae and carter was 10 months old. we decided we would leave carter with my mom for the first time for 3 days. i so missed him SO MUCH that i almost came home and left gene down there that first day but i didn't. i decided to stay but when we got home that Thursday, our son was walking! yea...we left him on a Tuesday morning not walking and when we can home Thursday afternoon he was walking. i missed it! so this year has been a very hard decision for me. first i said i wasn't going (with gene begging me to go) . gene would just have to go by himself since we now had two kids and there was no way i would be able to leave them with someone for three days. but then i thought i have been wanting to get away for a few days and my husband has been working 7 straight nights in a row so maybe i would go and just bring both kids with me so at least we wouldn't be without our daddy for yet another 3 nights! but now i think my mom almost has me convinced to leave jaycie and take carter. I'm not so sure though. i sooo miss my kids even when i leave them for an hour much less 3 days. i already know this year will consist of NO resting, so i have been researching the things to do in Jackson and i think ill be doing a lil shopping at their mega mall and we will be exploring the natural science children's museum! sounds fun already !
oh, as some of you already know, i lost my wedding band in my truck between the seats the other day. well i searched my truck, my mom did, and so did gene and none of us could find the thing. between us three we probably spent over an hour or two looking for it. i was sooo very upset over it. gene is always giving me a hard time about taking it off anyway but now i lost it so you can just imagine what he said. but anyways...i promised to him that if we found it, i would never take it off again not even to take a shower or anything. so we came to the conclusion that we would just have to get someone to take the seats out to find it. well Adam drove my truck the other day and he decided to give it a look, just to see if maybe just maybe he could find it. well , thank you SO much Adam! he FOUND my wedding band for me!!! i was soooo happy! so its been about 24 hours now that Ive had it back and it has not even came close to coming off my finger and it will continue to stay that way!
i don't think Ive told y'all lately so i think ill do it tonight...
I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! he is one amazing man! he trIEs to please my every need in every way! he is the best father ever! he helps me out with the kids and the house work more than i could ever ask for! i cant get enough of him! if we aren't together we are texting or talking on the phone. i love the way he loves me! i love the way he kisses me every morning when he comes home from work or when going to work. i love the way he never forgets to kiss me good night! i love the way he hugs me and holds my hand and lets our children know that he loves their mommy and always will! i am truly blessed to have a man that is 100% madly in love with me BECAUSE I AM 100% MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM !


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